As of Monday (Nov 16, 2020), we will be moved to the “orange tier” which tremendously affects our business/operations, especially during the holiday season. All we ask is for you to be patient and understanding. These are not our rules/restrictions but we are happy to abide by them in hopes this is what it takes to get us back to some sort of normal. Believe me, we feel your frustration and apologize for sounding like a broken record but it is the law. What the orange tier means for us and you as diners is this:

-Last call is 9:00pm and all tables must be clear of alcohol by 10:00pm
– all tables must be separated by 2 meters and there can not be more than 4 people per table
– we must screen all customers with a simple questionnaire and collect contact tracing information
– music must be no louder than that of a normal conversation.

Dinning Room Hours

Wednesday-Saturday for supper between 4-9pm.

Fridays for lunch between 11&2.

Reservations are mandatory.

Please make your reservations by calling 519-484-2258.